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Not Just an Attorney

I know my clients are real people with real stories.  Here's a bit of my personal story:

I worked in sales and service for over 30 years before going to law school. Those years as a pest control technician and then a tire technician gave me many valuable real life experiences and interesting interactions with people before beginning my law journey in August, 2013.  At that time I moved almost halfway across the country to attend law school at Indiana Tech in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  I was a member of the charter class there, graduating in May of 2016.

I met my lovely wife that fall and we were married in the spring of 2017. While I cannot say that I don't miss my native Florida, I'm learning to appreciate the variety of the seasons in Northeast Indiana.  (Although, perhaps it would be  more honest to say that I only enjoy 3 of those 4 seasons!) 

After graduating from law school, I spent over 2 years working for a large law firm in Fort Wayne specializing in personal injury.  While there, I was responsible for meeting with prospective clients to begin the process of their personal injury cases.

I'm not just an attorney, and you're not just a client.  I want to provide legal services on a more individualized basis: two real people working together to solve the concerns you need to resolve.  I hope you will contact me for your legal needs.  The initial consultation is always free, and evening and weekend appointment times are available.

Thank you for visiting this website. If you’d like to schedule a free consultation, please contact me today.

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